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When Is It Time to Replace Your Locks?

Many people own homes, businesses, and cars that have out of date or poorly working locks trying to protect them. This is a recipe for disaster if this is not corrected in a timely manner. Locks that are outdated or not working are not much better than having no locks protecting you. The trouble is most people do not know when it’s time to change out a lock unless there are visible signs it’s damaged. That’s where reading this article will come into play. It will discuss the many reasons why people decide to change their locks.

Here are the main things that make people aware that a lock needs to be changed out.

  • When a lock is malfunctioning or has stopped working

Of course, the most obvious reason to change out a lock is when it stops working properly. This can be due to any number of reasons. There could be faulty internal working parts in the lock or it may also be a case where the insides of a lock have been subjected to corrosion over the years. Sometimes locks simply stop working for no apparent reason too. Like all products with working parts, locks are subject to failure as they age too.

  • Your locks are showing visible signs of wear

The outward appearance of your locks may offer clues as to when it’s time to change them also. Visibly corroded or damaged locks indicate that there is a strong possibility that your security may be better enhanced by changing those locks out. Your security is too important to take a chance that a lock that does not look right is working. If you have such things as damaged or corroded looking locks, it never hurts to call a lock professional to come and have a look at them.

  • When lock upgrades are available

One of the most popular times for people to change out a lock is when they know that a better locking alternative is available. It may be the case where a new lock offers more convenience or improved security. That’s why it’s a great idea to upgrade locks whenever possible to keep your residential, auto, and commercial security at the highest level possible.

  • When it’s cheaper to replace a lock than fix it

There are some working parts on locks that can be replaced at a reasonable price but the opposite is true also. Sometimes when things such as electronic keypads or sophisticated lock tumblers fail it’s just cheaper to just go ahead and replace a lock than to try to fix it. This also offers the advantage of being able to select the exact type of lock style and look that you want your new locks to have.

  • For simplicity reasons

Some locks are much easier to activate and open than others. This is true of most electronically activated locking devices. This appeals to many people and some of them will go ahead and replace their old keyed locks with much more modern electronic locks. It’s much easier to press a few buttons or run a magnetically triggered key by a lock than it is to fumble around your pockets for a key and then have to open the door that key goes to by using both hands.

  • After a burglary

Many people elect to have their locks changed after their home, car or business has been vandalized or broken into. Sometimes this is necessary because one or more of the locks may have been damaged during the break-in. If any keys were taken during that burglary it’s an absolute must that all the locks those keys go to be changed out. Otherwise, the thief may use them to get into your home, business or auto at a future date.

  • When you have lost your keys or had them stolen

Most people who lose the keys to their home, business, or automobile simply grab their spare set of keys and continue on with business as usual. This can be a big mistake that has consequences. That’s because if the person who finds those keys associates them with your home, business or car that leaves you susceptible to theft. This is even truer if you suspect that your keys have been stolen. So as a rule of thumb, replace any locks that are associated with a set of keys that have been lost or stolen.

  • After you move into a new home

Many people who move into new homes never think of changing the locks on that home. Not changing out the locks to your new home comes with many risks. That’s because many people including the realtor, the previous owners, their yard boy, their dog sitter, and numerous others also had access to those keys and may have duplicated them. Don’t take chances and change the door locks when you move into a new home.

Locksmiths are the Preferred Choice for Replacing All Types of Locks

So who should you call if you need one or more of the locks on your car or at your home or business changed out? If you said to call a locksmith you would be 100% right. Locksmiths are experts when it comes to changing out all different types of commercial, auto, and home locks. All they do are lock-related tasks so they get very good at doing them.

Calling a locksmith has other advantages too when it comes to knowing when to replace your locks. Many locksmith companies such as Locksmith Wake Forest out of Wake Forest, NC even offer to do free lock consultations for area businesses. Locksmiths are experts at determining which locks at a business are working well, which ones need upgrading, and which locks are no longer working properly. These simple but effective lock inspections help a business better understand where its lock security currently stands.

So calling a locksmith is your best bet when you have questions about when it’s time to change a lock and when it’s time to get that lock change done.

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