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What locksmiths do

Everyone knows what locksmiths do – they make keys and help you get back inside your car when you lock the keys in the ignition. But what else? Why are there so many locksmith shops around? Are that many folks really locking themselves in the bathroom by accident or losing their keys? Yes and no. Here at Locksmith Wake Forest, we are often asked what we do most and the answer may surprise you! While all locksmiths are not alike or the same, your better shops will not limit their activities to making keys or installing peepholes. Here in Wake Forest, NC our technicians also consider themselves security experts. After all, isn’t the purpose of a lock or key to secure something? Why not think of your better local locksmith shop as a source for discreet and workable protection for your valuables? Locks and locking mechanisms are everywhere you turn – workplace, at home, at your car, at your business – even at resorts and recreational facilities. You can find locks and keys at sporting events, church, funeral homes and laundromats – their versatility is enormous!

Handyman vs locksmith – who wins?

This comparison is often confusing but not if you know the difference between the two. Locksmiths can change door knobs, install peepholes, cut keys, install simple locks, etc. So can handymen. Locksmiths are and should be licensed while handymen are not. Handymen can be quite inexpensive to hire while you will most likely pay more for an established, experienced lock technician. Both offer mobile services but you will be hard pressed to find an after-hours handyman. Many of your better locksmith shops offer round the clock emergency service for lockouts, rekey work, break-in repairs and lock changing. No handyman can do that. For simple tasks, feel free to use either a locksmith or a handyman but for true lock protection and enhanced security, stick with your local, full service locksmith – it’s worth every penny!

Quality locks count too!

The best cooks use the best ingredients in their dishes. Likewise, the best locksmiths work with the finest hardware. Anything less would be pointless as the work would need to be done again and the results would be subpar at best. The best lock brands offer sturdy hardware and are surprisingly affordable! A few of these include ASSA, Baldwin, Ace, Medeco, Schlage, Von Duprin, Kwikset, Marlock, Sentry, Kaba, Llco, Sentex, Primus, Abloy, American, Mul-T-Lock, Falcon, Yale, Dexter, and more.

Always go full service!

A full service locksmith shop is always the way to go! Why bother having one locksmith for your car, another for your home and yet another for business purposes? Then there’s emergency situations – whom do you call for that? An established full service locksmith operation will offer all four categories; residential, commercial, automotive and emergency assistance. Some services will obviously overlap. Rekey work for instance can be done at all three levels as can lockout assistance. Choose a locksmith shop that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You’ll want their technicians to be full time professionals with experience and ongoing training backing them up. Does all this sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Shop around and get price quotes on the service(s) you are interested in. Most reputable shops will offer free price quotes and some (including ours) offer free, no obligation consultations.

Automotive locksmith service

Auto lockouts are a huge part of this particular form of locksmith service. People can get distracted and forget that the key is still in the ignition when they close and lock the car door. Likewise, ignition keys can be easily locked inside the trunk along with frozen food or luggage. As drivers, we have to notice pedestrians, traffic lights, road signs, speed limits and a dozen other things all at the same time so forgetting momentarily where your key is, is very easy. Locksmiths also offer other related service like ignition cylinder replacement, alarm service, repair for keyless remotes, transponder key programming and duplication, lock additions and more.

Residential locksmith service

Again, lockouts can play a big part of home lock and key service. Leaving home without the right keys or with no keys at all is very easy to do. A good residential locksmith can change your locks, install and service your alarm, change out door knobs, install locks, upgrade your security, lock your garage door or mailbox, repair lock damage, add a deadbolt and dozens more. One of the most affordable and useful locksmith tasks for home use is rekey service. Your locksmith can leave your current lock in place and alter the insides of it so that only new keys can be used. This eliminates all old key copies in circulation and allows you to control the use and distribution of the new keys.

Commercial locksmith service

There are local businesses everywhere and each one uses locks and keys. The huge variety of firms makes having a commercial locksmith a necessity. Interior and exterior doors all have locks and use keys. Safes and vaults protect cash and other valuables and the best source for them is your local commercial locksmith. Your business locksmith can service alarms, install CCTV, upgrade security, add video cameras, make use of fingerprint locks and retina scanners, rekey your locks, add high security locksets, perform eviction rekeys and lots more.

Emergency Locksmith Service

We’ve all done it – lock the keys in the car or house; snap a key in half, or drop one in the gutter by accident. Human error can cause the most untimely locksmith emergencies but so can unexpected events like lock failure, equipment recalls and power outages. Then there’s intentional locksmith problems like crime break-ins that damage or destroy locks and security equipment. The bad thing about a locksmith problem is that they are never welcomed or expected. They don’t keep regular hours either so many happen during the night, on weekends, or even during holiday times. The best remedy (besides being careful) is to work with an established 24-hour emergency locksmith.

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