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Different Lock and Key Types

The lock options available on the market today to help homeowners secure their homes are endless. It is easy to choose a lock type that accommodates both one’s security needs and budget. There are standard locks that are most often used to secure one’s home, but there may also be some options you have yet to consider. Below you will find a list and description of some of the most popular lock types used by homeowners.

Deadbolt Locks

Arguably the most popular locks used to secure one’s home are deadbolt locks. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are most common, while double cylinder deadbolt locks are not used as often. You are likely already familiar with single cylinder deadbolt locks since they are standard for entrances to most homes. These types of locks have a switch knob on one side of the lock and a key slot on the other side. The key side faces outside, allowing homeowners to securely lock their homes with a key via the deadbolt lock when leaving. From the inside, when homeowners are in the home and want to protect themselves, they can easily switch the turn knob to the lock position. Deadbolt locks offer a simple, affordable, and effective solution to keeping one’s home free of unwanted intruders.

Knob Locks

Knob locks or doorknob locks are just as common as deadbolt locks, except they are most often used for interior doors. These locks look identical to a standard doorknob except they have a key slot on one side and a small turn knob on the other. Bathrooms and bedrooms, for example, most often have doorknob locks since only a small level of security is needed for these rooms. Knob locks are very effective in letting others know that a room is being occupied or requires privacy. A knob lock is easy to use and affordable.

Hand Lever Locks

You may have noticed that some homes have a hand lever lock instead of a deadbolt lock on the front door. Hand lever locks work similarly to a deadbolt lock, but are easier to operate. Instead of using a turning motion like with a standard doorknob, lever locks merely require that an individual push down on the lever and push open the door in order to enter. Hand lever locks also look different entirely compared to traditional deadbolts. Some homeowners prefer the look and style of lever locks compared to traditional knobs. Depending on your preferences or needs, a hand lever lock may be your best option.

Barrel Bolt

A barrel bolt is a simple slide lock that is often placed on front doors. This type of lock is considered a supplemental lock for front doors and other entrances and exits. If you want to install a barrel bolt on your front door, make sure it is in conjunction with a deadbolt lock or some other lock you can lock with a key from the outside. Barrel bolt locks are effective in adding an additional layer of security while you are in your home. They are not ideal as stand-alone locks or as the only lock on an entrance or exit to a home. For interior rooms, you may consider a barrel bolt lock since they are simple and only work when one is inside of a room, preventing others from entering. If a bathroom or bedroom in your home doesn’t have a lock but you do not want to replace the knob, adding a barrel bolt can be an easy fix.

Chain Lock

Another option for homeowners that want additional security is a chain lock. Just like with a barrel bolt lock, chain locks should be used in tandem with deadbolts or other locks when placed on front doors. Chain locks have an advantage over barrel bolts, since the door can remain locked, yet opened a couple inches in order to see outside. Chain locks can be a great alternative to installing a peephole on one’s door. Additionally, chain locks can be used on interior doors similarly to how one might use a barrel bolt lock.

Electronic Locks

Of course, if you want the best possible security and the least tamper-proof lock possible, then electronic locks are the only way to go. These types of locks may also be referred to as smart locks and keys. In the past several years, smart locks have boomed in popularity. Phone applications and other external devices can be programmed with smart locks in order to give homeowners complete control over their home security. Depending on the model and brand of electronic or smart lock you are interested in purchasing, there may be other options available that can help make home life easier for families. Electronic locks are the most expensive locks out of all of the lock types currently available on the market, but they offer the most protection and security.

Install New Locks Today!

No matter which locks you have decided on for your home, it is always best to have them installed by a professional. A certified locksmith will be able to swap out your old home locks for new ones without damaging your door or surrounding structures. Do not underestimate the fact that lock changes can be tricky and frustrating. A professional with the proper training, however, will be able to install new locks for you without frustration. To make sure your locks are installed properly and function correctly, do not skip out on hiring a professional locksmith!

Wake Forest, NC residents and those in surrounding cities can trust Locksmith Wake Forest to help with any lock changes or upgrades. Their professional staff is experienced in all different lock types available on the market. They will be happy to discuss your lock and key needs with you over the phone and set you up with an appointment as soon as necessary. Work with an expert as soon as you call and receive the superior locksmithing services you need today!

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